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Location:Indiana, United States of America
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((This is a younger, high school-age alt of [personal profile] simply_ellie at 16. Ellie is the only child of John and Elizabeth Masterson, born and raised in Vinalhaven, Maine. Her parents own a farm on the island, raising sheep, chicken, and geese for wool and eggs and occasionally meat. They have three horses too, all Trakehners, and Ellie competes in local 4H competitions and some of the lower-level jumping shows as well. Her parents have discussed buying more property on the mainland to have a larger farm there for more orchards and raising horses as well.

While Ellie has a passion for and has shown talent in showing horses, particularly show jumping, she’s loathe to be away from horses and showing for very long. After high school, she’d prefer to stay on the island to be close to her family and the farm, though she’ll at least give some consideration to other schools in New England.

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Personality-wise, Ellie tends to be shy but determined, is generally kind, and is happiest when she can blend into the crowd rather than stand out in it. An average girl in her own estimation, she’s neither the smartest nor the prettiest in her class. Her upbringing was modest, and she wasn’t spoiled; most mornings, she’s up early with her parents to feed the animals and collect eggs. She worries about hurting other’s feelings and tries to avoid doing so.

And of course, since she’s the alt of [personal profile] simply_ellie, there’s a secret that only she knows about – or so she thinks anyway – and if guessed at or confronted with, she’ll likely flatly deny.

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Ellie is 5’5”, has an athletic build, and weighs about 125 pounds. Her eyes are blue and she has dirty blonde hair, which is always just long enough to pull into a ponytail or a braid. She prefers wearing riding gear, and although she has a fondness for skirts and dresses, she’s shy about being seen in them. PB is a young Reese Witherspoon (older Reese is the PB for [personal profile] simply_ellie.))

Fall 2007:
PE, Biology, Health, History, English, Math, and Music

((This is the roleplaying account of an original character. I'm neither Ellie nor Reese Witherspoon, her PB.))
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